1. kv96ic28:

    I want

  2. doyoulikevintage:

    Porsche 356 Coupe 1950

  3. calvalley858:


    Rosemary Garlic Butter Steak

    👉 breakfast, lunch, & dinner for Me

    This looks so drlish … Yummy

  4. hangaround:

    My friends of the Original Motodrom, portrayed by Dirk Behlau for Dickies. The Motodrom is the oldest, travelling wall of death in the world. These poeple are Don Strauss, Peter “the Viking”, Clemens “The Beauty” and Kara Satana, the one and only wall of death riding lady in Germany.

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  5. weaponoutfitters:

    Ethereal Rose with my most prized firearm, a Nighthawk Customs FLX (aka, 2011, double stack 1911) chambered in 9mm.

    Hand tuned by Nighthawk for a famous tactical trainer, this pistol found itself in my collection through luck, friendship, and fate.

    It remains my most accurate and easy to shoot pistol, with recoil that’s akin to a .22LR even when launching 147 gr 9mm projectiles downrange.

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