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    Luis Ricardo Falero- The Witches Sabbath, 1880

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    OS Giken TC24-B1

    Original design — conversion from belt to gear-only camshaft drive system. Engine response and timing accuracy are increased and the sound of the engine becomes subtly more exotic. This changes the feel of the engine completely. This level of development to the old L-series has always impressed me as there are no power gains, only an improvement in the driver/car connection.


    Golly day


    I would be terrified to set that timing.

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    Garden studio

    Dutch office Serge Schoemaker Architects meticulously arranged different-sized sections of plywood that “fit together seamlessly like a jigsaw puzzle” across the interior of this angular garden studio.

    Bussum Garden Studio was designed by Serge Schoemaker Architects as a home office for a Dutch family with two children, which also includes storage for bikes and garden tools and can double as a guest room.

    "We did not want to make a regular shed, but more a little house," Schoemaker. "Contrasting with the dark, rough, textured exterior, the transparent white-lacquered birch plywood interior appears seamless and light."

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    Source: Dezeen

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